PRO-HIB 4700B Corrosion Inhibitor

Pro-hib 4700b is one of our new generation water based cleaner/rust inhibitors for ferrous metals that can significantly out perform other water based rust inhibitors. Pro-hib 4700B leaves an invisible barrier that does not discolor or leave sticky residues. It is easily removed when required later and is compatible with future processes.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Blue Liquid
pH @ 1% Solution: 12.3
Foaming Action: Moderate
Rinsing Action: Excellent
Odor: Mild
Metal Safety: Ferrous Metals Only!
Flash Point: None
Specific Gravity: 1.15
Standard Container: 55 gallon drum
Refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.

Usage and Dilution Instructions

Pro-hib 4700B is primarily used in soak tank applications. Dilution recommended is 6 to 12 ounces per gallon of water. For optimum results solution temperatures should be maintained between 140° and 160° F, although it may be used at ambient temperatures. It also has excellent cleaning properties and is capable of removing a variety of oily soils and particulate. These cleaning properties help remove particulate off of parts thus being conducive to the inhibiting process. Due to the high alkaline nature of this product, it should not be used on non-ferrous metals, as it may etch, pit or damage them. Keep container closed when not in use and rotate stock. Store between 45° and 95° F.

Handling and Storage

This is a non-combustible alkaline liquid. Use good industrial hygiene practices such as wearing chemical safety goggles, rubber gloves, impermeable apron, and other appropriate protective clothing as necessary to avoid personal contact with this product. In case of contact, flush eyes and/or skin with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Consult physician and remove contaminated clothing promptly. Due to the high alkaline nature of this product, it should not be used on non-ferrous metals at is may etch, pit or damage them. Store product in tightly closed containers between 50° and 85° F. Rotate stock. When stored as stated above, shelf life is a minimum of 2 years.


Progress Chemical guarantees its products will perform to your satisfaction when used in accordance to our recommendations. We back this guarantee with over 65 years experience. Our company has been certified to ISO 9001-2015 Quality Standards.