LB-140 Finishing Compound

LB-140 is a neutral pH, recyclable, liquid finishing compound. LB-140 is low foaming and can also be used in both vibratory finishing, or high energy equipment including drag finishing and centrifugal disk and barrel machines. It is biodegradable and does not contain any hazardous ingredients. This product is formulated for use on all ferrous metals and many nonferrous alloys. LB-140 works well under a wide range of conditions and can withstand moderate soil loads. Unique lubricity characteristics allow for fast surface improvement while attaining excellent color and reflective qualities. It also provides superb interim process corrosion protection for ferrous metals including low carbon steel, cast iron and sintered metals.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Blue Liquid
pH @ 1% Solution: 9.0
Odor: Mild
Foaming Action: Low
Solubility in Water: Complete
Rinsing Action: Excellent
Metal Safety: All Metals
Flash Point: None
Specific Gravity: 1.03
Stability: Stable
Standard Containers 55 Gallon Drum
Refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.

Usage and Dilution Instructions

Use 1 to 3 ounces per gallon of water. Water flow will vary depending on media, parts, cut-down times, etc.

Handling and Storage

LB-140 Finishing Compound is a neutral pH product and does not pose any fire hazards. It may cause eye irritation upon contact. Prolonged or repeated skin contact may be drying to sensitive skin. Use good industrial hygiene practices such as wearing chemical safety goggles, rubber gloves, impermeable apron, and other appropriate protective measures. Do Not Freeze! Store product in tightly closed containers between 50° and 85° F. Rotate stock. When stored as stated above, shelf life is a minimum of 2 years.


Progress Chemical guarantees its products will perform to your satisfaction when used in accordance to our recommendations. We back this guarantee with over 65 years experience. Our company has been certified to ISO 9001-2015 Quality Standards.