611-E Cleaning Compound

Our 611-E is formulated to meet specific pH requirements particular to brass as well as other nonferrous metals. It is a concentrated blend of alkali, sequesterants, wetting, penetrating, and dispersing agents particularly suited for removing soils from these alloys. Application includes soak tank cleaning and certain vibratory finishing operations.

Physical Properties

Appearance: White Powder
pH @ 1% Solution: 11.2
Odor: Mild
Foaming Action: Moderate/High
Rinsing Action: Excellent
Metal Safety: All Metals
Flash Point: None
Bulk Density: 60
Standard Container: 400 lb. drum
Refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.

Usage and Dilution Instructions

Normal concentrations used in Soak Tank applications are 1 to 4 ounces per gallon of water. Due to the unique solubility characteristics of this product, it should always be added to a preheated tank solution of at least 140° F. to ensure that it dissolves readily. Solutions can be titrated to determine condition extend the life of the tank. This product may also be used in specific vibratory finishing operations using 1/2 to 2 ounces per gallon of solution.

Handling and Storage

This product does not pose any fire hazards. Due to the fact that this is an alkaline product, personnel should avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and warm water. For eye contact, flush with plenty of water and consult a physician. Store this product in closed containers in cool dry place to help prevent caking. When stored as above, shelf life is a minimum of 2 years.


Progress Chemical guarantees its products will perform to your satisfaction when used in accordance to our recommendations. We back this guarantee with over 65 years experience. Our company has been certified to ISO 9001-2015 Quality Standards.