Progress Chemical: Vibratory compounds, parts washing compounds, rust inhibitors for the metal parts industry.

Welcome to Progress Chemical, Inc. creators of vibratory finishing compounds and parts washing compounds for the metal parts industries. Progress Chemical offers liquid and powder vibratory finishing compounds and parts washing compounds, powdered abrasive finishing compounds, rust inhibitors and ultrasonic cleaning compounds.

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Need Fast, Expert Advice on Mass Finishing, Parts Cleaning or Interim Process Corrosion Protection for Metal Components? Progress Chemical has been supplying the Mass Finishing and Parts Cleaning Industry since 1946. This experience has given us the opportunity to encounter many different mass finishing and part washing applications, and thus gain a tremendous knowledge base of the industry. Progress Chemical can provide you with expert advice on product application and select the right product for the job from our diverse selection of mass finishing and parts washing products. Call (616) 534-6103 and a knowledgeable service representative will answer your call, or email us.

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Each one of our products is 100% guaranteed. When questions arise, or processes, specifications or conditions change, our experienced customer support group will respond quickly to your needs and back you up with whatever is needed to keep your operation working smoothly.

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